List of Services – Healthcare Centres

Clinical diagnosis and overall evaluation of the patient (child or young person) by way of individual and family interviews, observation and using tests and questionnaires.

Development of an individualized therapeutic programme, according to the overall needs of the patient, including both psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment.

Comprehensive therapeutic intervention (individual psychotherapy, family therapy, or group therapy with children/young people and families).

Coordinated multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary work both internally and with other areas of the healthcare network.

Social work to help families access the different resources of the network or encourage young people to make use of social and occupational resources.

Evaluation of child and adolescent mental health by teams of pediatricians and GPs.

Preparation of programmes of prevention and risk detection in the child or young person’s development.

Research, teaching and training activities.

The CSMIJ offers specialized treatments for:

  • Behavioural and emotional disorders when entering childhood and adolescence
  • Affective disorders
  • Neurotic disorders, in response to stressful situations (anxiety, phobias) and somatoform disorders
  • Generalized developmental disorders
  • Incipient psychosis
  • Eating disorders
  • Disorders related to substance abuse
  • Personality disorders
  • Patients at risk of self-harm



Help children to manage their difficulties or shortcomings, minimizing the impact these have on their capacities as a whole.


Support the child’s emotional and relational development.


Consolidate parental roles in families to actively support the child’s development.


Help parents to understand the minds and needs of their children.


Work in conjunction with healthcare, social, school and work resources, together with the family, to provide a web of support for the needs of the child.