• Prevention and Promotion in Mental Health

  • Specialized support for parents and families

  • Psychoemotional guidance and support

  • Specialized diagnoses and treatments

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Kidstime is a prevention programme aimed at fostering resilience for the whole family, especially for children whose parents suffer from a mental disorder.

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The Journal, published every six months, has the objective of promoting theoretical knowledge, research, clinical practice and psychiatric care for children and adolescents.

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The Orienta Foundation is a monographic and specialized institution with over 40 years´ experience in comprehensive community mental healthcare for children, adolescents  and their families. In Catalonia, the foundation is a pioneer in the field of mental health and it aims at becoming an international benchmark.


It is a public service that offers outpatient visits with prevention, diagnostic and assistance interventions.


It is a public health facility that offers diagnostic and assistance specialized interventions for adolescents aged between 12 and 17 and their parents, facing critical situations.  The service is managed through partial hospitalization, i.e: only during the day.


The Orienta’t section provides professionals and users in general with a space to briefly and rigorously expose and disseminate health-related topics.

Join the Fundació Orienta. The goal of our research is to improve

the lives of many children, young people and their families.


The updated information is available in Spanish and Catalan.

Webinar Primers Auxilis en Salut Mental

La Fundació Orienta van programar els dies 8 i 10 de juliol unes webinars amb les escoles, instituts, UEC i EAP de Sant Vicenç dels Horts sobre "Primers Auxilis en Salut Mental".

Reconversió dels CSMIJs en temps de COVID

El passat 2 de juliol de 2020, es va celebrar un Webinar online amb el títol: "Reconversió dels CSMIJs en temps de COVID", organitzada per la Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria Infanto-Juvenil.

Teresa Ribalta, entrevistada per Anna López de Radio Castelldefels

El pasado martes día 23 de junio de 2020 Teresa Ribalta, Directora Adjunta de la Fundació Orienta fue entrevistada por Anna López de Radio Castelldefels.


The psychologist that treated us was very professional and friendly; above all she told us that what was happening to our son was not our fault. Not mine, not my husband’s, not anyone’s. It wasn’t the time for looking for someone to blame.

Now, in a very short time, everything has changed. My son is much better.

We went to the psychologist and I really feel like I found someone who would listen to us and wanted to help us. Today, thanks to that visit, I can converse with my daughter. No shouting,  no insults, no disrespect, no door-slamming. I think now that if I could have gone to a psychologist when I was young, my life would have been much easier.

I remember the first day that I went to the psychologist. I was in the playground playing with my friends and my parents came to get me. I told  him that I often wet the bed.

Since going to the psychologist, I’ve only wet the bed once and that was because I saw a horror film and couldn’t sleep after. I love sleeping over at friends’ houses, when I can stay up at night talking and laughing.

I was surprised because I actually enjoyed going to the psychologist. I felt really comfortable and never felt judged or guilty at all. Now I talk to my mum about things that I would never have dared talk about before.

The best thing is that I’m no longer angry all day long and at college they’ve stopped telling me off. My Catalan teacher never throws me out of the class now and everything seems easier… even my exams.