Orienta’t is promoted by Orienta Foundation. It is a health assistance and orientation service for parents, children, and adolescents. Since 1974, our commitment is the care, promotion, and prevention in the mental health of children, adolescents, and families. As its name indicates, Orienta’t is a service that guides families in matters of mental health and growth of children and adolescents.

A place where you can solve problems, answer questions or give information about situations related to the development of children and young people.

An informative website

There are many websites about health and even more about child and adolescent health in general. However, many times they focus on severe illnesses or physiological aspects, neglecting the consultations of the frequent doubts parents have about dealing with children in certain situations.

These everyday doubts can be key elements for parents who are in charge of supporting their children and bringing them up.

This website aims at being a library for parents to read and inform themselves on children and adolescent mental health. All types of doubts involving the well-being and the emotional development of the children can be found here.

A web that offers solutions

The website is designed for parents and it has two main functions:

  • To Inform: The most common topics on children and adolescent health, as well as symptoms and ways of facing that our professionals have dealt with during their assistance consultations are gathered here for your information.
  • To Prevent: Being well informed helps, in many cases, to prevent situations that in time could lead to behavioural or well-being problems.