List of Services – Day Hospital

Specialized clinical and differential diagnosis through observation, tests and questionnaires and time spent sharing a therapeutic environment.

Offer different resources as part of an individualized therapeutic programme, prepared for each patient upon their admission. The programme is designed to address the global needs of the patient and includes psychotherapy, pharmacological treatment and occupation and institutional therapies.

Comprehensive therapeutic intervention (individual or in a group of adolescents and families).

Coordinated multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary work both internally and with other areas of the healthcare network.

Educational assistance provided by teachers from the Education Department in the hospital classroom to help patients continue their education.

Social work to enable patients to access the different social and occupational resources available to them and encourage their contact with and integration into the work environment.

Social and educational intervention by educators that actively accompany young people throughout their time in hospital. This intervention includes attending the different therapeutic workshops.

Workshops specialized in healthcare developed by a nurse specialized in Mental Health.

Research, teaching and training activities

The Hospital offers highly specialized treatment protocols for:

  • Incipient psychosis
  • Eating disorders
  • Disorders related to substance abuse
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Patients at risk of self-harm
  • Family therapy



Offer a safe, contained space to help young people address their emotional conflicts.


Foster emotional and relational development through the sharing of a therapeutic environment with other young people and professionals.


Help young people to manage their difficulties or shortcomings, minimizing the impact these have on their capacities as a whole.


Reinforce parental roles in families to actively support the young person’s development.


Help parents to understand the minds and needs of their adolescent children.


Work in conjunction with healthcare, social, school and work resources, together with the family, to provide a web of support for the needs of the young person.