· Who is in the healthcare team?
The team of professionals consists of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, specialist nurses in mental health, social workers, social educators and user support staff. A teacher from the Education Department will also collaborate.

· What do I need to do to get treatment at the Day Hospital?
When the professionals at the Mental Health Centre for Children and Young People (CSMIJ) consider that the patient needs more intensive treatment and outpatient assistance is not sufficient, they will give the patient a first appointment in our Day Hospital. They may also be referred following full hospitalization to the Adolescent Crisis Unit (UCA) or the Child Psychiatry Unit (URPI) to continue their treatment.

· What does it mean that it is just a day hospital?
It means patients are only admitted during the day. The patient only attends during school hours, for the time the clinical team deems appropriate for each young person. Patients can be seen between 9 and 16.30 depending on each patient’s individual therapy plan.

· What is the treatment procedure?
There are various different stages of the procedure: an Initial visit, Visits for a diagnostic assessment and to explain the results, Admission (personalized therapy plan) and Discharge. In the first visit, a Primary Therapist will be assigned, who will guide the patient throughout their treatment.

· What happens in the Day Hospital?
The Day Hospital provides individual, family and group therapy in coordination with the public healthcare network and the community. Educational workshops are held for emotional and relational expression, artistic expression, behaviour management, health and autonomy, and awareness and thought processes.

What are the opening hours of the Day Hospital?

The opening hours are from 9 to 16.30, but the specific visiting times will vary from one patient to another depending on the individual therapy plan drawn up by the clinical team.

Can my child continue their studies during their time at the hospital?

The Day Hospital has a teacher from the Education Department. Depending on the needs and difficulties of each patient, their school will provide an individual study plan. Some patients undertake school activities in the day hospital classroom, while others will continue to attend classes at their education centre on a full or part-time basis.