Quality Policy of Fundació Orienta has been a monographic institution for more than 40 years. It has been specializing in the comprehensive care of children, teenagers, and families’ community mental health. It has been a pioneer in this field and it aims to become an international benchmark. It promotes several projects on prevention, health promotion, and innovation. It also offers public outpatient mental health assistance for children from the age of 0 to teenagers till the age of 17; and partial hospitalization, for adolescents between the age of 12 and 18.

The healthcare model is based on the integral, ethical and respectful care, on the scientific rigour and innovation. It is located in the Baix Llobregat region (Barcelona). Currently, Fundació Orienta manages five centres of child and youth mental health (CSMIJ) and two-day hospitals for adolescents. Barcelona is our scope of action ​​but the entity also offers consultations to patients that come from other parts of the country.

Our objectives are: Contributing to the early detection, preventing in mental health and promoting health; facilitating the access and the fast service, prioritizing the most urgent situations. Ensuring the correct diagnosis and the adequacy of the treatment; providing a comprehensive, efficient treatment, aiming to achieve the therapeutic goals. Helping users and their families improve their relationship and have the tools to deal with the disease; ensuring the care continuity and the transversality of the treatment. Keeping users and their families informed promoting their active commitment to the service. Minimizing the inherent risks to the disease and ensuring the safety of the assisted people.  Acting in an ethical and respectful way towards the people attended. Ensuring the assisted people’s comfort offering space adapted to their needs. Contributing to the integration in their social environments of those assisted.  These are all key elements of our processes ‘improvement.

General Management has decided to implement a quality management system for the company based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. And this is the reason why all the interested parties have been able to get to know the company.

It will be communicated to any interested party.